Farming Technologies That Has Changed the World

Farming Technologies That Has Changed the World

Technology is one aspect that touches anything that it sees and makes everything feel better. Be it various fields or industries, it changes things and makes us accept the new terms of reality in the right manner. Although changes are quite common in areas like IT and Hospitality, nobody expected that technology could change things about farming. So, if you are still under the bracket of being unaware, then here are some farming technologies that changed the world.

1. Drones and Bees

Extinction is a term that human beings popularised since our activities have been harmful to various other species. While we are walking on the path of climate change, it is quite essential to note the fact that bees are disappearing. The species that helped to sustain agricultural production is now going extinct. Although we haven’t found a solution for the extinction part, the process of pollination has another alternative. That particular alternative is called drones. Apart from the process of experimentation, these items are also used to cater to the needs of pollination. This aspect has been beneficial in many ways; as aerial images are also used to study a lot about the situation. The proliferation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) has also meant farmers are able to reliable share data with one another.

2. The Start of Urban Agriculture

The new start of agriculture has to be the concept of urban farming since we can witness various methods of farming. Such methods come in different shapes and structures that also look beautiful. Be it buildings or other places; urban farming can be considered as a next step, as it also generates the required amount of crops.

Urban Agriculture

3. Artificial Intelligence

In the middle of the raging debates that talk about Ai can replace human’s beings and eventually timeout employment, here comes another innovative concept. AI helps farming in so many ways, as it helps the farmer get a clear view and idea about the entire process. Automated tractors are the ones that have been going on around fields, as it does the same process depending upon the kind of instructions that it receives. The method of monitoring can also be curtailed, as the result might be satisfactory.

4. Blockchain

You might be wondering why exactly is the term Blockchain doing here because you would have heard about it only while the concept of cryptocurrency occurs. But Blockchain has entered agriculture and trade just received a new uplift. Transactions dealing with agriculture are now being done using the technology of Blockchain, and everything seems to be interesting. The entire process is more convenient, and people have been collaborating through time to make everything seem simpler. Hence, thanks to technology, easy solutions have become the new norm, and people are happy that things are changing.