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Fertility Of Soils

To ensure that soil has the right nutrients to keep everything protected.

Crop Nutrients

We can make sure that the crops are grown in best shape to ensure nutrition.

Grass Cutting

To keep the growth of these unruly plants at bay.

“all cost for existence of life and property.”

Animal Welfare

To make sure that crops are grown in its natural habitat.

Natural Predators

Sometimes these predators do more good than harm.

Organic Manuring

Keeping the harmful bugs are bay with the help of manure.

reducing hunger & poverty

Food Security

We can make sure that the food can be of value to the people who are consuming it.

Agricultural Work

We can make sure that the agricultural work is done in the right way for optimal benefits.

Farming Households

We can help educate people to ensure that they have a small farm in their backyard.

Climate Change

With our initiative you can be sure that the world sees a positive effect.

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“I am very grateful to support your famers who try to take the initiative to make sure that people buy their produce from their local farmers.”

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Recycling Of Organic Materials

Organic materials can act as manure to these soils and we can make use of these organic matter.

The Use Of Legumes And Biological Nitrogen Fixation

We are trying to bring in innovative ways to help ensure that the whole production of food is clean.


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Farming Technologies That Has Changed the World

Farming Technology

Technology is one aspect that touches anything that it sees and makes everything feel better. Be it various fields or industries, it changes things and makes us accept the new terms of reality in the right manner. Although changes are quite common in areas like IT and Hospitality, nobody expected that technology could change things about farming. So, if you are still under the bracket of being unaware, then here are some farming technologies that changed the world.

1. Drones and Bees

Extinction is a term that human beings popularised since our activities have been harmful to various other species. While we are walking on the path of climate change, it is quite essential to note the fact that bees are disappearing. The species that helped to sustain agricultural production is now going extinct. Although we haven’t found a solution for the extinction part, the process of pollination has another alternative. That particular alternative is called drones. Apart from the process of experimentation, these items are also used to cater to the needs of pollination. This aspect has been beneficial in many ways; as aerial images are also used to study a lot about the situation. The proliferation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) has also meant farmers are able to reliable share data with one another.

2. The Start of Urban Agriculture

The new start of agriculture has to be the concept of urban farming since we can witness various methods of farming. Such methods come in different shapes and structures that also look beautiful. Be it buildings or other places; urban farming can be considered as a next step, as it also generates the required amount of crops.

Urban Agriculture

3. Artificial Intelligence

In the middle of the raging debates that talk about Ai can replace human’s beings and eventually timeout employment, here comes another innovative concept. AI helps farming in so many ways, as it helps the farmer get a clear view and idea about the entire process. Automated tractors are the ones that have been going on around fields, as it does the same process depending upon the kind of instructions that it receives. The method of monitoring can also be curtailed, as the result might be satisfactory.

4. Blockchain

You might be wondering why exactly is the term Blockchain doing here because you would have heard about it only while the concept of cryptocurrency occurs. But Blockchain has entered agriculture and trade just received a new uplift. Transactions dealing with agriculture are now being done using the technology of Blockchain, and everything seems to be interesting. The entire process is more convenient, and people have been collaborating through time to make everything seem simpler. Hence, thanks to technology, easy solutions have become the new norm, and people are happy that things are changing.

The Right Tips for Growing Your Farm


One of the ideal ways to take on responsibility is to invest in a process that requires your constant support and help. A farm is an ideal choice here because there is a lot that you have to do to maintain the place in the right manner. The passing of seasons will have plenty of effects on the place, and those are certain words of caution that you need to keep in mind. Apart from that, we are also going to give you a few more tips about the entire process so that you can get started.

1. The Main Decision

The first decision in the process is the main one and also decides the existence of the very idea. At the first stage, you need to understand and value all about the farm. Once you have understood all that, you need to look into financials and decide whether or not you want to buy a farm or rent a farm. This needs to be given a lot of thought because the investment is considerably huge. So, take your time and make the right choice.


2. The Importance of Working Capital

You require to earn some initial returns so that the place and your idea can keep growing. For this purpose, you need to find a way to make cash in hand for the various activities that you do on a daily basis. This particular amount can be earned using the farm, so you need to look around and figure the entire thing on your own. If a certain amount of money does not come in the beginning, then the process might carry more responsibilities on your shoulder.

3. Custom Farming

The moment you buy a farm, many people come up to you and start talking about Custom farming. This situation is quite common because, in reality, custom farming is the right option for you at the moment. The activity gives you enough returns and profits might also come up through time. In the end, it all depends on the kind of effort that you put into the matter. Hence, this is the moment where all your hours of research need to start acting.


4. The Current Situation

Another significant aspect that you need to keep in mind is the situation of your current farmland. You need to find ways to either keep them in good condition or improve their existing conditions. This entirely depends upon your level of experience because that is the aspect that is going to benefit you the most. Even if you do not have much experience, the initial path that you take will keep teaching a lesson or two about the entire process.

Top Reasons for Organic Food Being Better for you and the Planet

Organic Food

Organic farming is a term that might not ring any bells, but the process surely makes everything better. Through time we have all discovered why organic farming is the ideal solution, but none of us wanted to follow it or go according to its terms and conditions. The main reason behind this lies with the fact that we are not aware of the kind of changes that it can bring into our lives and the Planet. So, to settle the matter once and for all, here are some of the top reasons why organic food is the best choice for you and the Planet.

1. Healthy Soil

The nutrients in the soil get affected the moment you spray them with chemicals and various other methods that are used for cultivation. Such activities go a long way in destroying the natural phenomenon of the soil, and it may never be the same again. But all these practices are carried on only with non-organic method and farming. When it comes to organic, people follow natural methods that are healthy for the soil. Hence, this maintains the nutrients of the soil in the right manner.

Healthy Soil

2. Everything is Healthier

Organic farming goes a long way in proving the fact that all things can be turned into a healthier space when you decide to choose organic farming. Right from the start, the entire activity is nature-friendly, and that promotes both you and planet earth to have a healthier lifestyle. Toxins, pesticides and various other ingredients are kept from away, so they will not be joining your food habits.

3. Rich in Nutrients

By choosing organic farming, you are turning all your food habits into healthy ones, as you will be consuming items that are rich in nutrients. When it comes to non-organic farming, the number of fertilizers in the soil will dictate terms, and you will end up consuming things that cause a lot of adverse health effects. The entire health system gets affected, and you will be spending time at the hospital. Since organic farming is a natural way forward, you will be facing items that are rich in nutrients, and so on.

Cost Effective

4. Cost-Effective

Non-organic farming commands a lot of money as the process is pretty expensive. This, in turn, goes to the extent where taxpayers will end up paying a lot. On the bright side of things, organic farming is the cost-effective option, as you are spending less due to the elimination of unwanted substances and particles. Hence, when you take into account all these points, you realize that organic farming was and will remain the right choice. As the Planet suffers from our actions, it is time that we start helping in ways we can.